ERISA Denial Management

Claims Denial Management


  • Is Your Practice Experiencing More Claims Denials than You Deserve?
  • Has your Claims Denials Appeal Staff fully Deployed the ERISA Affirmative Tools Available to Your Practice?


  • Perform an audit of all your denied claims;
  • MedLink will provide your practice and your internal or outsourced billing staff with a full report;
  • Then MedLink consults with you to provide your practice with options to recover YOUR PRACTICES previously denied claims with lost dollars back to your practice.

MedLink Claims Denials Management

The MedLink platform will report and show your practice, your billers whether internal or outsourced:

  • Identified claims that are denied and that can be appealed
  • Each denied claim is managed my MedLink and then a report assigned to your staff person or biller
  • We process that denial and then appeal and recover your previous denied reimbursements.
  • The Payer then issues the reimbursements of previously denied claims to YOUR PRACTICE.
  • MedLink then submits an invoice for a contingency recovery fee.
  • MedLink offers tools and optionally trains your staff how to minimize future claims denials.
  • MedLink provides the ERISA appeals language and liturgy to ensure YOUR PRACTICE maximum leverage to recover denied dollars litigation if possible;
  • Your staff and biller will acquire an in-depth review of denied claims with integrated reporting

Denial Claims Appeals Management
ERISA Appeals Management


  • Think about how much of your staff time is invested trying to even identify denied claims when compared to working and appealing denied claims!
  • The MedLink platform reduces the time researching for problem claims and responding to payers requests for “More information” allowing your staff more time to resolve problem claims
  • Your practice experiences all sorts of claims denials:
    • Insurer requests “More Information”
    • You often see EOBs with ‘ZERO dollars’;
    • The Payer just plain denies your submitted claims;
    • Your Work Comp claims are underpaid;
  • Your staff must sort through hundreds of Payer EOBs wherethe MedLink platform simplifies this process!

Request a demo to see how the MedLink Platform can improve your workflow when it comes to managing all of your claims and minimizing problem claims going forward!

ERISA Templates
Claims Denial Template letters
Patient Deductibles Not Met Denials


  • MedLink Claims Denial and ERISA letter templates:
  • Save your staff time by automating the process and repetitive process of manually entering data for Appeals Letters!
  • Work Comp appeals for Underpaid Claims or Denied Claims automates the loading of the files needed for processing these underpayments and Denials;
  • MedLink includes the patient payment information that meets plan specs so no longer does your practice have to suffer from claims denied on erroneous patient payment data provided to you from the payer.
  • MedLink access its direct connectivity to determine not just the eligibility of the patient but the patients payment specs
    • MedLink has connectivity  to over 400 payers and thousands of plan specs
    • Our optional platform can access over 11 million stored edits that are updated monthly
  • ERISA Appeals letters are issued with the proper appeals liturgy
  • Claims Denials Appeals are also generated easily
  • MedLink automates loading the letters with the similar messages needed for hundreds of claims.
  • The platform allows for inserts and comments necessary to appeal the claims
  • Appeals have the EOB attachments automated and saved in your claims history

MedLink Audits


  • Of course, the initial audit will reveal notes you need to decide on options for appealing all past denials
  • If you are electronic, we can go back FIVE YEARS if necessary to look for denied claims dollars
  • If you have paper claims in the past we can show you how those can be scanned and processed to appeal all those denied claims also

  • The MedLink audit and appeals platform stores all electronic copies of audit correspondence
  • All search functions are indexed for multiple ways of pulling the files up for your staff or biller to see
  • Now your Practice will never miss an important deadline
  • MedLink platform’s manage the impending deadlines and requirements
  • Your biller or staff is prompted on a daily and weekly basis on audit details
  • We automate the Proof of Timely filing letters for not just commercial payers but Medicare as well
  • We incorporate any ERISA and PPACA notes needed to comply with any audits and appeals
  • Scanned copies of audit and ERISA letters, USPS Certified Letters, and Faxes are stored in your MedLink platform. All records are retrievable easily